SwissTechnik is contract manufacturer and wholesaler of plastic, rubber, silicon and bakelite products through injection molding, blow molding, extrusion, and other methods for Aerospace, Automotive, Transportation, Chemical, Health Care, Electrical Power, Food and Consumer Goods Industries.

We offer following products and services to international markets.

Precision Plastic/Rubber/Metal  Injection Molding
SwissTechnik offers high-quality injection mold design, development and building services, in-house tool making and fabrication, mold-design, prototype or production tooling.

Plastic Packaging Solutions

Foldable Large Containers, Pallet Containers, Plastic Pallets, Stack/Nest Containers, Foldable Small Containers and Industrial Boxes, Stackable Containers, Dollies, Special Purpose Containers and Boxes, Plastic Toolboxes and Tool Cases, Plastic Storage Bins, Plastic Drawers, Plastic Revolving Cabinets, Plastic Immovable Cabinets

Automotive Spare Parts

Position Lamps, Signal Lamps, Interior Lamps, Reflex Reflectors, Inside And Outside Mirrors, Number Plate Lamps, 3. Stop Lamps, Trailight Systems, Tail Lamps, End Outline Marker Lamps, Work Lamps, Rotating Beacons Lamps, Reverse Lamps, Ex-Proof Cabinet Lighting Lamp, Bumper, Bodywork, Floor, Inner Fender