Machine Sales & MRO


SwissRetrofit is the division of SwissTechnik and offers Machine Repair, Machine Refurbishment, and Used/Second-Hand Machine Sales services to the market.

Machine Repair & Overhaul

SwissRetrofit provides prompt, on-site repair service, gets your machine up and running again in minimum time.

SwissRetrofit performs all types of mechanical, electromechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic repairs.

SwissRetrofit conduct troubleshooting steps to locate and correct faults in hydraulic and pneumatic systems. If it is not possible to solve the problem on-site, we dismantle the machine, remove the components and transport them to our facility for detailed problem analysis and repair work.

Our in-house machine repair services provide on time repair solution for seriously damaged machine components.

SwissRetrofit repair capabilities include:

  • Engel, KraussMaffei, Battenfeld, Negri Bossi, BMB, Idra, Remu, MIR, Demag, Netstal, Arburg, Stork, Billion, Haitian, TSP, LG, Toshiba, JON WAI, Panasonic, HPM, Windsor, Italtech, Bühler, Borche, Mitsubishi, Ferromatic Milacron, Dakumar, Hasky, Tederic Plastics & Rubber Machinery
  • Plastic Injection Machines (Plastic Molding Machine)
  • Metal Injection Machines
  • Plastic Extrusion Machine
  • Extrusion Blow Molding Machine
  • Plastic Blow Molding Machine
  • Multi Material Injection Molding Machine
  • Bakelite Injection Molding Machine
  • Color Dual Injection Molding Machine
  • Horizontal Injection Molding Machine
  • C-Type Rotary Table Injection Molding Machine
  • Bulk Moulding Compound Injection Molding Machine
  • Direct Hydraulic Clamping Injection Molding Machine
  • Electric Injection Molding Machine
  • Fast Energy-Saving Injection Molding Machine
  • High Speed High Pressure Injection Molding Machine
  • High-Speed Precision Injection Molding Machine
  • Single, Dual and Multi Color Injection Molding Machine
  • Thermoplastic Injection Molding Machine
  • Two-Color Injection Molding Machine
  • Various Shoe Injection Molding Machine
  • Vertical Clamping & Hydraulic Injection Molding Machine
  • Vertical Injection Molding Machine
  • Precise Injection Molding
  • Rubber Horizontal Injection Molding Machine
  • Rubber Molding Machine
  • Rubber Moulding Press
  • Rubber Injection Molding Machine
  • Rubber Cutting Machine
  • Hydraulic Press

Machine Refurbishment & Renovation

The most cost-effective alternative to buying new equipment, SwissRetrofit offers comprehensive machine repair, renovate and refurbishment services for used/second-hand machines.

Our services include everything from upgrading electromechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic controls to tearing down and rebuilding a machine ready to install directly into your plant.

Machine Renovation saves your time and decreases your repair cost in production while improving your operational efficiency and productivity in your manufacturing processes.

SwissRetrofit offers following services:

  • Machine rebuild, refurbishment and retrofit
  • Machine redesign and reengineering
  • Machine upgrade, repair and replacement
  • Machine relocation, installation, calibration
  • Adaptations for new materials/production requirements

All of the machines which are refurbished by SwissRetrofit go through the following process:

  • Machines are cleaned.
  • All hydraulic and pneumatic components and systems are checked, tested and replaced in needed electrically and mechanically.
  • Bearings and seals are replaced on all of our refurbished machines, as standard.
  • Modifications and upgrades from mechanical to electromechanical are made if requested.
  • Machines are assembled, calibrated and tested.

Used/Second-Hand Machine Sales

SwissRetrofit offers following minimum 2000 tons up to 6000 tons used/second hand machines sales & sourcing services:

  • Plastic Injection Machines (Plastic Molding Machine)
  • Metal Injection Machines
  • Multi Material Injection Molding Machine
  • C-Type Rotary Table Injection Molding Machine
  • Single, Dual and Multi Color Injection Molding Machine
  • Two-Color Injection Molding Machine

Contact us via for a quotation of a complete refurbishment, modification or repair on your existing machinery.