Strategic Marketing

We offer following Strategic Marketing services:

Product Marketing Strategy

We help you create a clear strategy to promote your corporate brand and build your sales internationally.

We help you understand where you are today, where you want to go and how you plan to make it happen. We analyze what you are doing well, not so well, and what you are trying to achieve and provide objectivity and insight in setting your strategy and plans to develop your business.

Social Media Marketing Strategy

We help you promote your value proposition with a sound strategy and clear communication plan in online platforms and determine which social channel is an effective marketing tool for your small business.

Market Analysis

We help you clearly understand your marketplaces’ current situation and determine future trends. We enhance your own marketing resource by utilizing professional expertise across a wide range of disciplines.

SUMARCOM team has broad international experience with all aspects of Product Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Brand Development, Website, Sales Promotion, Exhibitions & Events and Social Media.

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