SME Business Development

We help Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SME)  extend their access into European market by providing business development expertise while acting as your partner or agent in Europe.

We manage your business during the first entry to European market. We target potential customers directly and win projects for you. We also help you to establish sales channels and build relationships with your target keys customers. By working with business development experts, your company has an immediate presence and makes your business visible to local market and communities.

We have broad experience in Aviation, Aerospace, Machinery, Automotive and Manufacturing industries. Our sales and business development experts have a high quality business network and personal contacts within Europe.

By working with SwissTechnik, your company will have access to Central European market without direct investment and analyze the market opportunities until your business is mature enough.

We can help you

  • Analyze current customers and competitors
  • Analyze and evaluate new business opportunities and new markets
  • Acquire new projects with prospective buyers and follow-up transactions
  • Develop strategic and action plans for  short, medium and long-term business goals


Did you manufacture amazing products but don’t have a local presence on European market?

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