Wijp SwissTechnik is an international engineering firm focused on providing advisory services and strategic consulting in Design, Engineering, Sourcing, International Business Development, and Marketing disciplines in Aviation, Aerospace, Defense and Machinery Industries.

Wijp GmbH was founded in 2010 and since then Wijp has been doing international business by acting a gateway between Europe and China in Machinery, Manufacturing, Aerospace and Oil and Gas Industries.

Since Aerospace & Defense business has become important and grown well, Wijp Swiss Technik GmbH founded in January 2018 as a subsidiary focusing on Aviation, Aerospace and Defense industries and offering design, engineering, project management and sourcing services.

Main Sectors: Aviation, MRO, Aerospace, Defense and Military

Main Applications:

  • Commercial Aircraft and Cargo Aircraft
  • Commercial and Military Helicopter
  • Small Aircraft and Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  • Manned and Unmanned Armored Land Vehicles
  • Airborne and Land Civil Radar Systems
  • Aerospace & Defense Robotics


  • International Business Development
  • Technical Product Marketing
  • Enterprise Integration & Project Management
  • Acquisition, Program Management & Logistics
  • System Engineering, Product Design, Development
  • Machinery and Equipment Design and Engineering
  • Product and Component Sourcing and Supply Chain Management

Technical Expertise and Technology Coverage:

  • Motion Control and Electrical Actuation For Cargo and Passenger Door Management,
  • Control Electronics for Flight Control and Cockpit Control
  • Turbojet Engine Control Electronics
  • Cockpit Safety and Security System
  • Electrical and Hybrid Actuation for Manned and Unmanned Armored Land Vehicles
  • Motion Control Health Monitoring and Diagnostic Management System Engineering
  • Wired Communication Systems
  • VHF, UHF, Microwave Radio Communication System
  • Crypto Equipment
  • Radar and Electronic Warfare Systems RF Power Electronics
  • Fire Control System Warning and Alarm Systems
  • Vehicle Internal Air Conditioning Systems
  • Stabilized Remote Weapon Platforms
  • Ammunition Feeding Transfer System
  • Ammunition Manufacturing Machinery Design

Wijp Swiss Technik helps Asian and Emerging Countries’ OEMs to find right technology & engineering resources in Europe for their current commercial aviation & aerospace projects.

Wijp has very close relationship with CASC (China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation )  and is representative of Beijing Research Institute of Precise Mechatronics and Controls which is Belong to CASC.

Wijp Swiss Technik is also partnering local institutes and engineering companies for aerospace projects in Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Wijp SwissTechnik GmbH is also a member of Swiss Aerospace Cluster and committed to increasing global awareness and recognition for Swiss Aerospace Engineering and Technology.