SwissRetrofit Machine Refurbishment & Renovation Services


The most cost-effective alternative to buying new equipment, SwissRetrofitk offers comprehensive machine repair, renovate and refurbishment services for used/second-hand machines.

Our services include everything from upgrading electromechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic controls to tearing down and rebuilding a machine ready to install directly into your plant.

Machine Renovation saves your time and decreases your repair cost in production while improving your operational efficiency and productivity in your manufacturing processes.

Services include:

  • Machine rebuild, refurbishment and retrofit
  • Machine redesign, modification and reengineering
  • Machine upgrade, repair and replacement
  • Machine relocation, installation, calibration
  • Adaptations for new materials/production requirements


Please send us an email via for a quotation of a complete refurbishment on your existing machinery.


All of the machines which are refurbished by SwissRetrofit go through the following process:

  • Machines are cleaned.
  • All hydraulic and pneumatic components and systems are checked, tested and replaced in needed electrically and mechanically.
  • Bearings and seals are replaced on all of our refurbished machines, as standard.
  • Modifications and upgrades from mechanical to electromechanical are made if requested.
  • Machines are assembled, calibrated and tested.

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